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The First ever National Land Conference

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development together with LANDnet Uganda, held the first ever National Land Conf

Landnet Uganda Trains Land Observatory Informants in Data Collection

Landnet Uganda has trained Land Observatory Informants from 14 regions of Uganda in skills of collecting data from di

Government needs 1.7 Trillion shillings to settle Mailo Land problem

The 1995 Uganda Constitution enshrines five Land Tenure Systems, which include Mailo Land, Freehold System, Leasehold

The British Colonial Masters set the Land Problem in Uganda

Uganda today still struggles with the problem of land ownership and Land grabbing, since the signing of the 1900 Agre

Uganda NES steering committee pay the National Land Information Center a visit.

A 12 member team of organizations leading the development of a National Engagement Strategy (NES) were hosted by the

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