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A Guide to Peaceful Co-Existence on Private Mailo Land

Mailo tenure is the most legislated form of tenure in Uganda, having its origins in the 1900 Buganda Agreement.

Rethinking Customary Land Registration: Establishment of a Customary Land Registry

The journey started 20 years ago to curate best practices for land administration systems for the land systems of dev

Establishment of a Customary Land Registry in Uganda

Currently and for the largest part, non-documentary evidence is still being used to help establish rights under custo

Customary Land Registry Resource Book

The Uganda National Land Policy advocates for the elevation of customary land tenure to a level similar to the other

Covid 19 and its Impact on Women's Land Rights in Uganda

The current Covid-19 pandemic has seen the whole world almost come to a stand-still with governments taking drastic m

Urban Land Use Planning and Development

Urban Land Use and Planning in Uganda is regulated under the Town and Country Planning Act Chapter 246, revised in 20

Institutional Arrangements and Policies

The Ugandan constitution was adopted on October 8, 1995 by the interim, 284-member Constituent Assembly, charged with

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