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Research is at the core of innovation and at the heart of LANDnet’s value proposition. Research at LANDnet aims at practice change and policy influence. Key areas identified are:

  • Land, Gender and property rights
  • Equal opportunities
  • Housing and urban development
  • Natural Resources management
  • Land Governance in the context of agricultural investments and food security

Research findings will form the basis for convening policy dialogues for inter institutional learning and knowledge exchange within the identified land sector stakeholders. The generated knowledge will be used to build a common position for improvement of existing modus operandi within the land sector to which all actors will subscribe. Through this process, divergent views will be taken with utmost seriousness because it is through this process that a truly championing innovation will emerge that will see the land sector develop and grow to meet the needs of Uganda. Underlying all this is the nuanced understanding of how Private Public Partnerships can propel Uganda’s development trajectory and the centrality of women’s rights to socio-economic development and environmental sustainability.