Tuesday, November 13, 2018



Succession Amendment Discussion – Linear Descendants

Discussing the share of a rightful descendant

Amending sections and clauses in the Succession Amendment Bill

LANDnet Uganda held a round table meeting with the Uganda Women Parliamentarian Association (UWOPA) to share ideas and discuss the proposed Succession Amendment Bill...

Why the Succession Act Cap 162 should be amended

The current Succession Act Cap 162 needs to be amended to do away with provisions that are discriminatory towards women, which is contrary to...

New government regulations ban agents and brokers from conducting land transactions.

In a move to curb land transactions fraud that has witnessed a drastic increase in Uganda of recent, the government has banned all property...

Government needs 1.7 Trillion shillings to settle Mailo Land problem

The 1995 Uganda Constitution enshrines five Land Tenure Systems, which include Mailo Land, Freehold System, Leasehold System, Customary Land and Public Land; whereas the...

The British Colonial Masters set the Land Problem in Uganda

Uganda today still struggles with the problem of land ownership and Land grabbing, since the signing of the 1900 Agreement between the British Colonialists...

50% share is fair deal for all Children

50 50 share is a fair deal: let us equalize children in Succession matters. Boys and Girls are all children and therefore equal in...

Land inquiry Commission; No stone is left unturned

The land inquiry Commission was tasked to investigate challenges affecting land rights, policies and processes of Land Acquisition, Land Management, and Land Registration in...

Buganda Kingdom launches a Land Title in your hand Campaign

Following various land disputes that have led massive evictions the Buganda Kingdom has intervened with resolutions to have all those settling on Buganda land...