Buganda Land Board introduces Electronic Identification Cards for Tenants

Sample of the Buganda Land Board Identification Card.

The Buganda Land Board (BLB) has introduced a new innovative land management system that will revolutionize land management in the Buganda region. The Land Electronic Identification Card (LE – Cards) is a digital identification card that will contain bio information and land records of the tenant. This move has been introduced by BLB to ensure land transactions are carried out more effectively while eradicating counterfeiting and fraud with the ability to provide real-time data to tenants, while cutting out the paper work that comes with the more traditional land transactions.

This system has been rolled out in specific areas of coverage around the Buganda region, these are; Kampala (Kyadondo), Wakiso (Busiro), Mukono (Kyaggwe), Mpigi (Butambala & Mawokota) as well as Masaka (Buddu).

In order for a tenant to acquire this identification card, a fee has to be paid to the Buganda Land Board. For an individual that wants to acquire this card, a fee of 100,000 Ugx is payable to the board, while a fee of 200,000 Ugx is payable for a company to would like to acquire this identification card.



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